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When a player is hit with the bb he or she is required to call themselves out and eliminate themselves from the field. Cheating is unacceptable and ruins the game for everyone in thesport. Airsoft should not be played in backyards or on private fields because equipment used inthe sport is too realistic and may be mistaken for real weapons.

Giant Airsoft offers several safe field locations throughout southern California where players are required to follow several rules to help ensure their safety andthe safety of others. Giant Airsoft believes that airsoft guns should be treated like real weapon and never pointed at anyone not playing. The types of airsoft games played can range from elimination to rescue the hostage.


(CLICK AIRSOFT PROTECTION GRAPHIC for Approved Airsoft Protection Gear)

  1. Upon arrival to the park, all Airsoft Guns should be stored, secured, and carried inside a bag or box.  Treat and handle transportation of all Airsoft Guns like REAL FIREARMS.
  2. Upon departure of the park, all Airsoft Guns should be stored, secured, and carried inside a bag or box before exiting the exit gate and entering the parking lot.  Guns should be concealed at all times once it is placed inside the vehicle.  As a safety precaution, keep guns concealed inside the bag/box until you have safely returned back to your destination. Treat and handle transportation of all Airsoft Guns like REAL FIREARMS.
  3. 3. Real firearms or knives are strictly prohibited on our property.  If you are found with real firearms or knives, you will be subject to immediate removal of the park.
  4. Face Protection must remain on at all time while on the field. Do not remove Face Protection under any circumstance. Only park certified full-face masks or multiple face protection are allowed.  *See reference chart for certified Face-Protection.
  5. Remove the magazine from the airsoft gun, clear any and all BBs from the weapon, put guns on SAFETY mode, and have a barrel blocking device on covering the tip of the barrel at all times.  Socks, hand sewn fabrics, Sunglass bags, or non-certified barrel blocking devices are not allowed.  All pistols must be holstered.
  6. There is no firing allowed in any non-protected area, EVEN if there are no BBs in your airsoft gun. Always remove your BBs from your equipment while it is not in use.  Keep your fingers off the triggers at all times while holding your equipment.
  7. When you are off the field, always point your Airsoft Gun in a safe direction aiming towards the floor.  Do not point them at others outside or at a horizontal position unless you are on the playfield or in the safety and confinements of a Chronograph / Firing range.
  8. No blind firing is allowed.  Airsoft guns must be on your shoulder or in your line of sight when firing.  Firing from the hip is allowed when running.  Do not put the muzzle through cracks smaller than your head when attempting to fire.  Your muzzle must be at least a foot away if firing through the crack.
  9. Keep your fire on the field you are playing on.  Unnecessary firing on the field is not allowed.  If your gun needs to be tested or repaired, do not do so on the playfield.  Test out equipment and make repairs ONLY in the safety and confinements of the Chronograph / Firing range under supervision by staff.
  10. All Airsoft Guns (both primary weapons and pistols) must shoot at 400 FPS or less with .20g BBs.  All guns must be chronographed properly with an appropriate chrono tag placed on the gun by a referee after being tested properly.  Staff will provide certified .20g BBs for testing.  Any type of modifications or adjustments made to the gun to shoot at an unsafe or higher velocity after being tested and chronographed is not allowed and players will be subject to losing any playing privileges that day or subject to permanent ban from the park.
  11. Do not shoot any players that are closer than 10 feet. If caught shooting within 10 feet, you will be removed from the game and possibly from the park for the rest of the day.  If you are a player within 10 feet, you must surrender.  When surrendering a player closer than 10 feet, you must yell “BANG BANG” instead of firing.  The only option instead of surrendering is to parlay.  A player can only call “parlay” within 10 feet of an opponent.  When a parlay is called at this time, both players will have 5 seconds at that moment and must safely find cover, and then resume the game.
  12. This is a sport of honor and integrity. If you are hit, be honorable and call your hits out loud.  Any player caught cheating will be removed from the game immediately and face possible lose of playing rights for the rest of the day. “Dead men do not talk,” therefore if you are eliminated, do not give teammates coordinates of opponents or no hit calling on opposing players.  Any single hit to the body, gear, or mask count as a hit.  Friendly fire and surrenders count.  Hits to the weapon in use do not count.
  13. Grenades, grenade launchers, and rocket launchers are allowed with management authorization only before using on the field.  This and any grenade types , Thunder Bs, noise makers, claymores, or non-Airsoft gun projectiles must receive management authorization before taking on the field.  5 foot kill radius with grenades, 10 foot kill radius with rockets.
  14. Only rubber knives are allowed.  Real knives are not allowed on the playfield. You must tap the player with the rubber knife in order to eliminate the player.  Do not stab or throw the knife.
  15. No physical contact, use of foul language, or arguing with the players or referees.  The referee’s decision is final.
  16. Do not leave your equipment or personal belonging unattended.  Safely secure all items.  Do not leave batteries, Green Gas, chargers, tools, or equipment under direct sunlight over a prolonged period of time or left unsecured.  The park does not claim responsibility of any damaged or stolen items.
  17. If any of these rules are broken, players will be subject to immediate ejection of the game or possibly for the rest of the day without a refund.
  18. Play with HONOR, RESPECT, and DIGNITY.  The game is meant to be fun.

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