Frequently Asked Questions

If you have never played paintball before, you are in for a real treat especially at the top rated paintball field in Las Vegas! Paintball is a game that virtually anyone 10 years or older can play; male, female, young, not-so-young. Before you go out and play your first game, there are some things to know that will really help your first experience be a great one!

A few rules of thumb: NEVER remove your goggles while you are on the field even if you have already been hit. If you are eliminated, call as loud as you can and stick your marker and both arms above your head so everyone can see you are out. When exiting the field, ALWAYS put your barrel sock back on your marker/gun. Do not argue with any of the referees. The refs are there to keep it safe and fun. Remember it is all part of the game!

  • What Do I Wear?

    Wear old clothes, preferably dark in color. We recommend you wear a long sleeve t-shirt or hoody Wear a comfortable pair of boots, cleats, or sneakers. DO NOT wear any good jewelry of any type. If you choose to wear them, they could become lost or damaged. Short sleeve shirts, shorts and flips flops are not recommended

  • Do I Need To Bring Equipment?

    We can supply you with all of the safety and play equipment you may need with the purchase of a rental package. You may bring your own equipment if you have it.

  • Should I Bring Anything Extra?

    Make sure to bring extra money just in case. We do not supply paint in our rental packages, but you may purchase it from us. You also may want to buy a drink or snack between games. Feel free to bring your own drinks and snacks but please do not leave your trash on the ground. We recommend bringing a change of clothes. The odds of your coming out clean are very slim! It just means you had an awesome paintball day!

  • Is It Good To Buy Paintballs Online or at Sporting Goods Store?

    We do not recommend purchasing paintballs anywhere but Las Vegas Premier Paintball. Our prices are very competitive, and LVPP gets our paintballs FACTORY DIRECT! This is the FRESHEST you can buy. The fresher the paint, the better it shoots! Paintballs are perishable and have a limited shelf life. The older paintballs are, the less round they become and the more likely they are to break inside your paintball marker before they even leave the barrel. Lopsided paintballs also curve through the air when shot rather than going straight to your target! LVPP does NOT allow oil-based paint, and many sporting good stores will carry it, and it will not be stated on the box. You will also save yourself $5 on your entry fee if you purchase paint from us.

  • What Should I Expect?

    This is the big question. Most people who have not played paintball before have no idea what to expect. Does it hurt? How long are games? Are the players friendly? These are all good questions. If you get hit by a paintball, fired from close range (about 20 feet or less) it does sting a bit. Most people will tell you that after the first time you've been hit, the sting is rarely an issue. Games usually last between 5-7minutes. Sometimes they last only 2-3 minutes.

    We do separate the players based on skill level, so do not worry about getting matched up with a more experienced player if you are brand new. More often than not, the regular players at the field are very friendly and more than willing to help any new players. The same applies to managers and referees at the field. If you have questions, do not be afraid to ask.

  • Is Paintball A Safe Sport?

    Yes. An independent insurance company recently completed a study that has shows more people are injured during a one year period while playing golf, tennis and even bowling than are injured while playing paintball.

  • What Do I Do When I Am On The Field?

    Take time to watch some of the other games before you go on. Watch how they play the game. When you get out there, start out slow and don't over-do it in the first game or two. It doesn't take too long for you to get comfortable with the game.

  • Can You Give Me A Discount?

    LVPP offers discounts to LVPP-sponsored teams, Police Department personnel, Fire Department personnel, and Active Duty Military personnel, with valid identification. We also have coupons and weekly deals on our website!

  • Can I Play By Myself? Do I Need A Reservation?

    You can come by yourself but we recommend that you bring a couple of friends to have fun too! A reservation is not required for regular play, but we DO recommend that you make a reservation for private parties. This way we can assure that we have plenty of equipment on hand, and you get the desired date and time-frame. For field hours click here.

  • How Do I Make A Reservation?

    You can make your reservation online by going to the Reservations page.
    You can also call us at (702) 574-2066 or e-mail us at ThomasLvpp@Gmail.com.

    A $100 deposit is required for the reservation of private parties.

  • Do You Host Big Parties, Or Have Party Rates?

    Yes! We have packages and prices for all types of events: birthday, bachelor, corporate and team building. The price is $40 per person if you come on Thursday-Friday during our regular business hours, and $50 per person any other time, with a minimum of 10 people in the party. If you would like to book a party during our non-regularly scheduled business hours, as long as you have 10 people minimum, we will be glad to host it.

  • What Does The Party Include?

    It includes all day entry to the park, rental package 1 (Tippman marker, hopper, compressed air tank, barrel sock, and battle mask,) 500 paintballs per person, and a designated referee to oversee your party. Your party will also have closed games, which is private access to the field of your choice. Also you get the option of purchasing our camo coveralls for $10.

  • With The Party Rate, Do We Get A Reserved Field?

    With the private party rate, you will get closed games on the field of you choice at the time you want to play on it. The fields are always open for regular play, but your designated referee will close your game to the players in your party only. You are more than welcome to jump in with other players not in the party if you desire, but only at your discretion.

  • Is There A Time Limit On The Party Rates?

    No, although you may run out of the 500 paintballs per person provided in the rate. You may also purchase more from us. As long as you have paintballs is as long as you can play!


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